Help us with Localization

Can't find your preferred language with Wireless Transfer App? Currently we have English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German. If you like to help us translate Wireless Transfer App into your native language, please read the simple guide below.

Step 1. Download the language file here.

Right click on the above link, choose Save Link As... or Save target as... to save the language file to your computer.

Step 2. Open the language file with an editor.

There are many different editor can edit the language file, such as Notepad, Wordpad, UltraEdit, Dreamweaver, TextWrangler, etc.

Step 3. Edit the language file

★ Translate only the strings after the equal character "=".

★ Do not translate special characters including %@ or the %d.

Example 1,

Before translation:

"%@ photos" = "%@ photos";

After translation (to Chinese):

"%@ photos" = "%@ 相片";

Example 2,

Before translation:

"Download Again"="Download Again";

After translation (to Chinese):

"Download Again"="重新下载";

Step 4. Send us the language file.

After translation, please send us the translated language file through email, we will then build a beta version so you can test it out before it goes public in the final version. Thank you for your help in building a multilingual app for all users. Please do not hesitate to contact us if any questions.

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